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In this book Rebecca dives into the five factors she credits her personal branding success to - relationships, desirability, focus, consistency, and impact. She documents personal anecdotes and examples from friends and those she has observed over the internet. This book is perfect for someone at the beginning of their personal branding or business journey or if you simply want to be inspired by relatable stories. 


Relationships: Your success in life is determined by the people you choose to surround yourself with. In SIPB, Rebecca emphasizes the importance of not overlooking your peer group and the value of relationship exchange. 


Desirability: The focus of the product or service your provide for your audience should be based on their desires, not yours. In this chapter, Rebecca breaks down how to create successful launches when your offering is aligned with your audience's innate interests. 


Focus: It's important to figure out what you are good at and do it well. In such a fast-paced world where being 'busy' is admired, Rebecca reminds us about the value of aligned focus and purpose. Not every opportunity is the right one and that's ok. 


Consistency: The foundation of anything great is consistency - how you do one thing is how you do all things. Outside of your work, it's about the consistent effort behind closed doors. How do you show up for you? This directly impacts how you show up for your audience. 


Impact: Giving back is the most fulfilling part of the journey. Rebecca created The Entry after seeing a need for an entry-level fashion entrepreneur community. Using just her knowledge, network, and skills she has been able to turn it into a growing digital platform. In SIPB, Rebecca gives examples of how you can contribute to society in your own unique way.


Paperback: 88 pages

Size: 200mm x 147mm 

Publisher: Independently published 15th November 2020 

Language: English

Stumbling into Personal Branding: Lessons from 2020

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