Writing Captivating Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are the way in which you express the value your product can bring to your customer's life. Can they imagine the way it would make them feel when they wear it? They are an important marketing tool that should not be overlooked as they can make or break a sale for your brand.

Writing product descriptions must be done well if you want them to result in an actual sale. You must consider a few things before you begin:

Firstly, put yourself in the position of your customer - imagine who they are, what do they like to do, where they work, how do they like to dress. Keeping these things in mind will ensure you have a customer-focused perspective when developing the tone of voice.

Secondly, consider how you are going to present this information? Most websites have e-commerce product page templates which you can play around with. It also must be easy to find on your website. Give clear and direct information relating to the product. You must remember to include: 

- Product information – what exactly are you selling?

- Sizing chart – How will your customer know what would fit them best?

- Product care (fabric wash details) - How will the customer know how to take care of the product?

Outfit build or upsell. Don’t just list the features of the product you are offering. Consider offering suggestions on how to style the product with another product you sell or something they may already own. Tell them where they can wear the product to – are they at a South of France beach or at a Downtown NY gig? You may even suggest how they could have their hair and make-up done. This will make the product more desirable.

Screenshots above from Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter.

If your garments are shown on a model, mentioning their size and height is really helpful for customers – this way they have something to compare to.

Once you have written the product description, have someone else proofread it for you, that way any grammar and punctuality errors will be corrected before posted online.

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