Organically Building a Fashion Brand with Chloe Williams, Founder of Embi Studios

Chloe Williams grew up in a very artistic family. For a while she thought she wanted to be a therapist or a dancer, but she was unsure when the time came to choose a major for university. So, instead of furthering her education in something she wasn’t set on pursuing, she chose to work. During her early working days she spent a lot of time clubbing with friends and eventually grew tired of the going out attire. For her birthday, Chloe and her friends designed a dress that received a lot of recognition on Instagram and from there came Mama’s Boutique (now known as Embi Studios).

Chloe and 4 of her closest friends came together to make club attire that hadn’t been seen before. Since one of their mothers was a seamstress, they saved a lot of money because they didn’t have to search and pay for a manufacturer. Chloe worked her 9-5 job and Mama’s Boutique for 2.5 years before resigning to work on her brand full time. Fast forward to now, Chloe manages the brand on her own and has given it a new name: Embi Studios.

Her design process comes very naturally, starting with an idea or vibe, then creating a sketch on illustrator, and finally passing it on to her manufacturer. Chloe tried a few different manufacturers before choosing her current one as she wanted the best quality and to be able to show up in person. She loves that she can check on her designs at any time and make sure employees are being treated fairly. A lot of her inspiration comes from the real world and sometimes even from the fabric alone. Chloe only puts out pieces that she is 100% sure about and she always takes different body types into consideration.

“Trust the timing of your own story and let it pan out.” - Chloe Williams

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Chloe has learned many things such as the importance of discipline, how to run a business and money management. Taking over the brand by herself was a challenge but as the brand grows, she is slowly learning to step back and delegate tasks more. Chloe advises aspiring designers to make sure their manufacturer understands and believes in their vision so the process can run as smoothly as possible. She also suggests that brand owners promote themselves shamelessly because having a good personal brand can really help with sales.

You can listen to the full episode where our founder, Rebecca, sits down with Chloe to discuss her business journey so far here.

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