Explore our 1-1 services to help you level up mentally and within your business.

Our Services:

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Power Hour Call

Feeling stuck, discouraged or need advice on anything fashion business? Book a call with us so
we can get down to the bottom of your current situation! This power hour call is for 60 minutes
where you’ll get to pick Rebecca’s brain. At the booking stage, you need to let us know what
you’ll like to discuss so we can ensure a valuable power hour for you!

“My 1-1 mentoring session with Rebecca was worth every penny. Not only did I come away
feeling super inspired and motivated, but I now also have an actionable plan in place to ensure I
can implement all of the knowledge gained from the session. Rebecca is super friendly and
approachable with an insane amount of knowledge of the industry - I could pick her brains all day! I can’t wait to set up regular mentoring sessions for accountability and a push in the right
direction when I need it the most.”

- Samantha Armstrong -

Project Clarity

Have you already launched your brand but you're feeling stuck? Our half-day accelerator will
help give you clarity on your business & goals, confront the mental roadblocks stopping you &
create a detailed plan for your business.

4 hour half day service (can be split into 2 days):

● 15 mins 1-1 introduction
● Business audit
● Social media & e-commerce audit
● Strategy creation (launch, sales, marketing)
● Tailored plan for your business
● Shared Google Drive folder
● 1 month of extra support via email, IG DM & Slack
● Mindset session

Investment: £375

“I appreciate that she was very organised and that she equipped us with a lot of material and
transferable tools. Many topics were covered that don’t just fall into the bracket of Fashion and
the world of Fashion. Rebecca also reminded us and stressed the importance of the kind of
person you need to become and the self development required. I’m glad she has had the
experience at her age and is choosing to direct others - that really says a lot.”


- Vanessa N -

Need help choosing the right service? Book in a free 15-minute discovery call.

“The worry I had about whether or not I was capable of creating my own line was replaced with
excitement and motivation. I really felt as though you created a perfect foundation for those who
want to delve into the fashion industry as everything was explained simply and in a concise
manner, thank you for all that you do for others and I can’t wait for what’s next to come!” 


- Aaminah Saeed -