The F Word

Tuesday 16th June 2021

6.30 pm BST

1.30 pm EST

10.30 am PST

What's happening?

Money matters and we’ll never tell you differently! So many of us build businesses and run away at the thought of budgeting, tax, and business legal structures - the things that matter. But in order to have a viable and long lasting business, your finances need to be healthy.


On this Tuesday, we will be hosting a live workshop with Emiley Phillips (UK-based accountant) and Keila Hill-Trawick (US-based accountant) to get you clued up on all things finance for your business. You’ll walk away feeling extremely confident with managing your businesses’ money, knowing it’s ok to outsource the help you need and finally understand that legal jargon.

In this workshop we will cover; [include topics]


We know that was a mouthful, but that is exactly why you need to be there, prepared with your notepad and pen (and a glass of wine 😉). We will end the session with a Q&A so we can answer any questions you may have and dive in further. If you are as excited as we are, make sure you sign up below before we sell out!

We're also randomly giving away a £100 Selfridges gift card to a lucky ticket holder! 


Meet your speakers!

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 20.10.23.png

Hosted by Rebecca!

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The Entry Platform is a start-up community for aspiring and up-and-coming fashion designers. Their founder, Rebecca Tembo, equips them with the tools and education they need to develop their business, design and mindset skills. Whilst other companies only teach you simple business practices, TEP prides itself on emphasising how important mindset, financial literacy and self-development play a huge role in the success of your business. 


With a record of sold-out informative fashion business events, countless testimonials (we’ve never had a bad review), a growing community of 4200+ on Instagram, a weekly podcast interviewing fashion designers with tens of thousands of listeners, and tailored services to help you develop into the fashion CEO you are destined to be, we can guarantee you the best virtual experience you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't make the time, will I be able to get a recording of the workshop?

Yes, as long as you purchase a ticket, you will get access to the recording of the live event the following day.

Do I have to be in the UK to purchase a ticket?

No, the event will be held on Zoom so anybody can attend. The speakers will mainly focus on the UK and USA. 

When will the zoom link be sent out?

Everyone will receive a link via email on Tuesday 15th June 2021 at 4pm BST.

I live in the USA, what time will the live workshop be?

EST - 10.30 am

PST - 1.30 pm 

I have a question that isn't under the FAQ's.

Please email so we can assist you further. 

The Schedule: 

6.30 pm: Welcome attendees & introductions 

6.45 pm: Emiley Phillips presentation

7:20 pm: Keila Hill-Trawick presentation 

7:50 pm: Live Q&A