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I’m Rebecca Tembo - a fashion designer, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and business strategist. It’s my mission to help designers (and small start-up business owners) create profitable brands, own their inner-entrepreneur, and evolve their mindset. 
When I’m not working, you’ll find me playing Sims (not ashamed) or window shopping on Rightmove!
I created The Entry Platform because, like many of you, I had a dream to be a fashion designer but knowledge and funding were scarce. I thought I had to have thousands, if not millions, of pounds to invest upfront - wrong! I also had an unrealistic version of what owning a brand looked like and how easy it would be if you just had a straight forward plan. Let’s just say I learned everything the hard way.
Along the journey, I discovered how essential mindset and business training was, if not more when creating a brand. Especially in the world of fashion where comparison and slow starts can be such a joy-thief! This was both during my time working in luxury fashion in the heart of London in production and operations, as well as being a full time self-employed fashion designer consistently generating 4 figure sales days.
I love fashion and I love you guys even more to be upfront and let you know that talent or desire isn't enough. ​What a tragedy it would be to let your desires and talent go to waste because you feel isolated, because your parents don’t want you to pursue a career fashion. Or because you are not equipped with the knowledge and coaching to maintain a business and run your brand like an entrepreneur.
 It doesn’t have to be like that and that’s where I step in! I work with clients 1-1 to help build and grow their brands through coaching sessions, click here for details. My clients have completely transformed their mindset and created brands that they never thought they could. All it took was accountability, strategy and some tough love!
Our online community on Instagram is a safe space to network, skill-swap and learn with a like-minded audience who are hungry to be amazing entrepreneurs as well as designers.
The Entry Course was created after three SOLD OUT in-person and online workshops teaching our students about mindset, design and production, e-commerce, marketing, money, and productivity. The course will launch again this year, sign up here for exclusive course news.


The Entry Platform hosts Masterclasses and mini-workshops to help designers advance their industry knowledge. Last year we had over 350 people attend our 2 Masterclasses and left with raving reviews! Discover our latest events here.

The Designer 2 Designer podcast is a safe space for candid conversations with designers from all walks of life! I interview fashion designers every week where they discuss their humble beginnings, their business story and how they got to where they are today. New episodes out every Monday on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
In November 2020 self-published a book, Stumbling Into Personal Branding: Lessons from 2020, which explores the year that changed everything. I talk about how I was able to create multiple 5 figures by being myself and sharing my knowledge. I truly believe that as a fashion designer, creating a credible and trustworthy personal brand is the key to building a profitable brand and a strong community. Our 1-1 coaching sessions can help you do this too.
What a powerful book. I'm filled with ideas and optimism. Thank you for speaking your truth and inspiring. 2020 has been a challenge, but it seems that great things are coming! 
- Frida Waywell -

Lastly leading to The Entry Planner - an undated quarterly planner to help anybody achieve their goals quicker, with intention and with accountability. As a productivity freak, this planner was on my list of things to do and is one of my favourite creations to date. Seeing the transformation it’s having in people’s lives is inspiring! Just check out these reviews. What’s even better is that you can start whenever you want to. The Entry Planner Instagram account shares daily inspirational quotes, productivity tips and videos from our favourite entrepreneurs! 

Now that you know more about me, please let me know about you and how best I can help you! 
Hit me up on the 'gram @theentry_platform / @iamrebeccatembo. 


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