Hey guys! Rebecca here 👋🏽 ⁣
I am the founder of The Entry as well as a luxury womenswear fashion designer. I formed The Entry because like many of you, I had a dream to be a fashion designer but knowledge and funding was scarce. I thought I had to have thousands, if not millions, of pounds to invest upfront - wrong! I also learnt along the journey how much mindset and business training were not pushed onto designers.
I love fashion and I love you guys even more to be upfront and let you know that talent or desire isn't enough. I love this quote: 
"Hard work without talent is a shame but talent without hard work is a tragedy."
- Robert Half
Yes you can sew but do you know your numbers? Do you understand the importance of e-commerce? Are you subconsciously carrying around negative beliefs? I'll give you an example that you probably hear a lot - 'All creatives are broke!'. Nothing could be further from the truth and it's that kind of thinking that makes you believe you can't follow your passion AND make a comfortable living. 
I'm here to tell you you CAN and that is exactly what The Entry will help you do. Our online community on Instagram is a safe space to network, skill-swap and learn with a likeminded audience who are hungry to be amazing entrepreneurs as well as designers. I am constantly updating our resources section for you to find guides and worksheets for all your business needs (subscribe so you're always kept up to date). The Entry Course was created after three SOLD OUT in person and online workshops teaching our students about mindset, design and production, e-commerce, marketing, money (including your personal relationship with money) and now to include a BONUS module, productivity - using systems in your business and personal life to maximise efficiency. If you enrol, you'll be added to a private Facebook group where I personally answer all your questions every week for 7 weeks and give you access to exclusive resources. 

Now that you know more about me, please let me know about you and how best I can help you! 
Hit me up on the 'gram @theentry_platform / @rebeccatembo_