I’m Rebecca Tembo - a fashion designer, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and business strategist. It’s my mission to help designers (and small start-up business owners) create profitable brands, own their inner-entrepreneur, and evolve their mindset. 
When I’m not working, you’ll find me playing Sims (not ashamed) or window shopping on Rightmove!
Who we are ðŸ‘‹

We created The Entry Platform because, like many of you, we had a dream to be a fashion designer but knowledge and funding were scarce. We thought we had to have thousands, if not millions, of pounds to invest upfront - wrong! We also had an unrealistic version of what owning a brand looked like and how easy it would be if you just had a straightforward plan. Let’s just say we learned everything the hard way.

Along the journey, we discovered how essential mindset and business training was, if not more when creating a brand. Especially in the world of fashion where comparison and slow starts can be such a joy-thief! 

We love fashion and we love you guys, even more, to be upfront and let you know that talent or desire isn't enough. ​What a tragedy it would be to let your desires and talent go to waste because you feel isolated or because your parents don’t want you to pursue a career in fashion. 

It doesn’t have to be like that and that’s where we step in! We create tools to help you build and grow your brands through events, coaching, our products, the Designer 2 Designer podcast and, our blog. 
Now that you know more about us, let us know more about you and how best we can help you! 
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